Joe Agresto is the most knowledgeable professional I have met regarding how to build, manage and grow a retail investment advisory firm. His business strategy advice, along with his extensive industry knowledge, were instrumental in helping us grow from $10 million to $275 million in AUM in only three years. He continues to be an invaluable resource to our firm today.”
Ken Lambert, Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Peavine Capital Management
Reno, NV
In my 20 years in the financial services industry, I rarely come across individuals with a command of the issues facing our industry as Joe Agresto. He has always been an outstanding resource, delivering sound advice even when it is not always what I want to hear.”
Ryan Sabol, Managing Principal
Mutual Securities, Inc.
Camarillo, CA

I highly recommend the services of Monarch Advisor Solutions and the work of Mr. Joe Agresto in the highest possible terms.  Joe was instrumental in helping our firm escape and transition from a captive financial advisory practice under one of the largest financial services companies’ banner to a fully independent RIA firm through his work at Fidelity.

Learning from Joe was like an epiphany.  His deep knowledge of the architecture and plumbing of various financial structures, from traditional Broker/Dealers to RIAs was astounding.   Still to this day, I cannot find anyone more knowledgeable on these issues.

Beyond his knowledge and skill, though is his humanity.  It is rare enough to meet someone with Joe’s experience and knowledge; it is rarer still to find someone of such high integrity and professionalism.  But don’t take our word for it.  If you engage in even the shortest conversation with him, these traits will all become evident, and quickly.

If you are considering a change in your working structure, you would be wise to consult with Monarch and Joe Agresto.  I cannot think of a more important first step.  We did, and are still grateful for that serendipitous meeting.”

Christopher J. Haydel, Founder and Partner
Haydel, Biel & Associates
Pasadena, CA
Joe Agresto has deep knowledge of the top custodians out there and business issues investment managers need to consider in running their businesses.  Whether one is considering adding or changing their custodian, or is exploring ways to grow and improve their business, Joe has the expertise and connections to lead you on the right path.”

David Hansen, President & Chief Investment Officer
DRH Investments, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA