What you can expect when working with us

After 30 years of working with advisors in every stage of the business, we have developed a very specific process that helps us quickly zero in on what our clients are trying to accomplish and develop the right steps to get there so that we don’t create new problems when trying to solve old ones.

We challenge the status quo; we challenge our clients. We ask important, pointed questions; the ones you probably won’t think to. We solve problems without creating new ones. We get things done.

Before we talk

Before we have our first meeting, we ask our clients to earnestly consider the following questions:

  • Why do anything?
    Be specific – what do you want to fix, accomplish or avoid?
  • Why do it now?
    Again, be specific – what is the timeframe or event driving this change? Is there something driving it today and that wasn’t driving it 6 months ago?

During our first meeting

We want to:

  • Hear about what you’re trying to fix, accomplish, or avoid
  • Discuss where you’re at in the process of making changes
  • Learn about your pain point(s)
  • Discuss the impending timeline or events that are affecting your decisions
  • Talk about what’s working and what’s not — what we can replicate and what needs to be replaced

If after our call we both agree that there is value in working as a team to create the desired outcome, we will schedule a follow-up meeting and develop a plan for moving forward.